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ENGLISH / SPANISH (813) 906-9011


Goal to Donate $250,000 by 2030
Donations to Date = $28,850 as of August 2023

True kindness is giving without the expectation of something in return.

It brings us a lot of joy and fulfillment that our contributions are making a positive and meaningful impact in the world, and our team enjoys taking part in the decision about which organizations we will donate to. We feel blessed and honored to have the opportunity and means to be charitable and help people that need support!


We are constantly looking for ways to help and support different charities. If you have a charity that you are passionate about, please let us know and we will consider donating to it. We also try to do a company volunteering event once a quarter where we as a company dedicate our day to help at different charitable organizations.

We believe that there’s a lot more to life than just working hard and making money for selfish reasons. That’s why one of our passions is donating to charity and contributing to something larger than ourselves.